Transform Your High-Functioning Anxiety into Peak Performance

High-functioning anxiety is a unique challenge faced by many successful individuals. 

While those with high-functioning anxiety appear to have it all together, excelling in their careers and maintaining an outward facade of confidence and competence, they often grapple with persistent worry, stress, and fear beneath the surface. This invisible struggle can drive them to achieve remarkable feats, yet it simultaneously leads to feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and a diminished quality of life. High-functioning anxiety can manifest as perfectionism, difficulty in disconnecting from work, and an incessant fear of failure, all of which can impact both personal and professional relationships.

Understanding and addressing high functioning anxiety is crucial for achieving a balanced, fulfilling life.

So What Does High Functioning Anxiety Look Like?

Constant Overwhelm: 

Feeling perpetually overwhelmed despite your successes.

Work-Life Imbalance: 

Difficulty disconnecting from work, leading to strained relationships.

Hidden Stress: 

Experiencing underlying stress and racing thoughts 


Striving for perfection, often resulting in procrastination and dissatisfaction.


Constantly replaying scenarios in your mind and second-guessing decisions, which can lead to mental fatigue and indecision.

Fear of Failure: 

Fear of failure or letting others down, causing excessive self-criticism.

We Combine Neuroscience, Emotional Healing and Transformational Coaching To Help You:

 Reduce your stress levels and develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage anxiety, allowing you to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Our techniques help you focus better, make decisions more confidently, and work more efficiently, all while maintaining a calm and composed state of mind.

Build your resilience and improve your emotional well-being through personalized strategies that bolster your mental health.

Our approach addresses the root causes of anxiety, helping you develop strategies to manage stress and improve overall well-being, which also benefits your relationships and business too.

Join Us For The Evolve Experience

JUNE 2024.. 


The Evolve Experience has been designed to combine many principles into one program- to help you build mental resilience and heal emotionally and spiritually to help you with anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion. 

We bring you:

Daily Brain Exercises to build neuroplasticity, 

EMDR therapy to help process negative experiences and trauma, 

Advanced Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy  to process and aid recovery and healing

Transformational Coaching to aid you with a new positive outlook for your life, relationships and business

Regular Check Ins with the group, your own coach, and Wynford, Sarah and Jess 

A 4 Day Experience in Warwickshire where we measure data on your brain activity, with exclusive workshops and healing sessions.

We have limited spaces remaining. Click below to learn more and reserve your space:

Images from the last Evolve Experience, 2024

What Our Clients Say...

Meet Wynford, Sarah and Jess

Wynford Dore, Sarah Grace, and Jessica Olsson-Zabel co-founded EvolveGlobal.Love, bringing together their unique expertise in neuroscience, trauma-informed therapy, and transformational coaching. Wynford's pioneering work in cognitive enhancement and emotional well-being through neuroplasticity, Sarah's profound empathy and holistic healing approach as a trauma-informed hypnotherapist, and Jessica's compassionate guidance in self-love and authentic living create a powerful synergy. Together, they are dedicated to helping individuals overcome high-functioning anxiety, achieve mental resilience, and transform their lives through personalized and innovative methods.


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